The York Ice Company, Inc. is one of the oldest, family owned, continuous operating ice companies in the United States. In 1872, Henry Lenhart Neuman, a Civil War veteran, began dealing in ice in conjunction with his fledgling ice cream business. Although the ice cream business was sold in 1930, the Neuman family continues to operate the ice company. It is currently being run by the 5th and 6th generation.

     When the company was first founded, ice was delivered to homes with a fleet of horse drawn buggies. Customers would place a sign in their windows informing the delivery man to leave a specified amount of block ice. With the invention of refrigeration, ice could be manufactured on the premises rather than cut from nearby ponds and rivers.

     Today, high quality, bagged ice is delivered by trained drivers in refrigerated trucks. The growth of the company has resulted from keeping up with efficient methods of production and from our reliable delivery service. The York Ice Company, Inc has a long standing tradition for serving the community’s needs, while at the same time adapting to a constantly changing environment, which insures that the tradition will continue.